Complete Synchronization between
the Board Game and the DVD

Kipee's Interactive DVD Board Game
Kipee's technology provides the world's first real interactive DVD Board Game. Kipee is transforming the DVD Board Games paradigm to a totally new and enhanced user experience - Board Games that automatically interact with DVD titles, and provide real-time TV feedbacks to each Board Game player's maneuver.

Advantages of an Interactive DVD Board Game:
1. A whole new experience to the Board Game players - the TV automatically reacts to their playing maneuvers.
2. Complete synchronization between the Board Game maneuvers and images displayed by the DVD player.
3. The DVD player via the TV becomes the focus of the game by truly narrating, managing, scoring and presenting the performance of each player.

Kipee's Technology
Kipee's platform provides countless interactive DVD applications (entertainment, education, etc.). Kipee's proprietary technology - Remote DVD Enhancement Technology (RDET) enables to upgrade the capabilities of any DVD player by adding remote processing and memory abilities that wirelessly (IR) interact and manage content of DVD titles in an interactive fashion. This is supplemented by a set of specific algorithms that the RDET is supplied with for each unique DVD title.
These algorithms are flow-charts of every interactive DVD application and enable the RDET to play them as such.