The Challenge:
How to bring Interactive content to TV DVD Titles?
Kipee's system is a technological platform in the form of a unique ergonomically designed console for young children that wirelessly interacts (the same way a standard remote-control does) with any home DVD player without using a PC or "PlayStation" type device. Kipee's proprietary Remote DVD Enhancement Technology (RDET) would enable countless children's CD-ROM titles that are currently played on PCs, to be converted into DVD format and played interactively on any DVD player that is hooked up to a TV set. This is accomplished by Kipee's DVD enhancement technology that remotely upgrades any standard DVD player into an interactive platform.

The Solution:
A platform that is wirelessly (through IR) transmitting commands to any standard DVD player. This Solution consists of:
1. A unique, ergonomically designed console for young children. Kipee's console incorporates a memory and a control unit that guides the DVD player by transmitting its commands, which in turn are transmitted by IR to the DVD player.
2. Interactive DVD titles that provide educational and entertainment content designated for kids. These include interactive content transformed from numerous CD ROMs into interactive DVD titles.
3. A specific Cartridge designated for each specific DVD title. The Cartridge contains the information of the managing software, as it is stored on every DVD title.